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Tools for Participation: Collaboration, Deliberation and Decision Support

11 Giugno, 2008 by fiorella
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E’ questo il titolo della Conferenza Internazionale che si terrà a fine giugno a Berkely (CA, US).

Mette insieme, sotto l’egida di Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility e di UC Berkeley School of Information, due eventi: la III Conferenza Internazionale su Online Deliberation (la prima fu a Carnegie-Mellon nel 2003, la seconda a Stanford nel 2005); e la IX edizione di Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing Symposium (DIAC).

Un breve estratto dalla call:

At the dawn of the 21st century humankind faces challenges of
profound proportions. The ability of people around the world to
discuss, work, make decisions, and take action collaboratively is
one of the most important capabilities for addressing these challenges.

Researchers, scholars, activists, advocates, artists, educators,
technologists, designers, students, policy-makers, entrepreneurs,
journalists and citizens are rising to these challenges in many
ways, including, devising new communication technologies that build
on the opportunities afforded by the Internet and other new (as
well as old) media. The interactions between technological and
social systems are of special and central importance in this area.

We are especially interested in technology development that is
already being tested or fielded. We are also interested in theoretical
and other intellectual work that helps build understanding and
support for future efforts. In addition to exploring social technology,
we must at the same time understand and advance the social context
of technology, including its design, access, use, policy and
evaluation, as well as intellectual frameworks and perspectives
that inform technological as well as social innovation including
requirements, case studies, critique and self-reflection, and
infrastructures for future work.

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